Sheetala Devi

Sheetala Devi is worshiped in many parts of india and also in Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. She is an incarnation of Goddess Durga, and she cures poxes, and all other dreaded diseases.Once a demon named Jwarasur, started spreading incurable diseases to all the people in the earth, especially among the children. Durga assumed the form of Sheetala Devi, and with her great power, she cured all the people’s diseases.Lord Bhairav and Durga Mata fought with Jwarasur and killed him with their powerful weapons. They have destroyed the demon, in order to prevent the sufferings of the people, and to make them to live a healthy and peaceful life.


Sheetala Devi was very fair, and looks young in appearance and is considered as an incarnation of Mata Durga.She is a goddess of curing the diseases and she can give them too, if we neglect her. She is the cause as well as the cure.Sheetala is the reliever of various diseases and the one who protects from the sufferings of the people. Sheetala is worshiped under different names in various parts of india. Shitala is popularly worshipped by North Indian people.In Haryana, Kripi (Mother of Ashwathama) is worshiped as Sheetla Devi in Sheetala Mata Mandir Gurgaon.
The puja of Sheetala is performed by both brahmins and non-brahmins. She is mainly worshiped in winter and also worshipped in the day of Sheetala Asthami.
Sheetala is represented as a young and charming god riding a donkey, holding a short broom (to clear the harmful germs which cause various diseases to the people) and a pot containing cold water (to heal the people suffering from various diseases). She is also said to be carrying a bunch of neem leaves, a medicinal herb used to cure various diseases of the people.
1. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Bihar
2. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Uttar Pradesh
3. Sheetala Dham Mandir,Jaunpur
4. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Sonipat
5. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Rajasthan
6. Sheetala Mata Mandir, Kolkata
7. Sheetala Mata Mandir, Himachal Pradesh
8. Sheetala Mata Mandir, Assam
9. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Gurgaon
10. Sheetala Mata Mandir,Madhya Pradesh

She not only cures the diseases of the people, but also gives all the prosperity in our life. She is the divine mother who protects the entire universe through her magnificent power.
Let us worship her and be blessed.