Significanace Of Lord Surya Bhagavan




Lord Surya Bhagavan gives brightness to the entire world, and through his bright rays, he is showering his grace to the entire universe. He is tirelessly performing his duties by sitting in a beautiful Chariot which was driven by seven beautiful horses, and his charioteer is Lord Aruna, who is the brother of Lord Garuda Bhagavan. Even the great Vishnu Avatars, like Rama and Krishna, have done prayers to Lord Surya during their period. He is always been praised by the saints, sages and Devas. Since he is protecting the entire universe through his brightness, he is also known as Surya Narayana.

Surya was born as the noble son to Rishi Kashyapa and Mata Aditi. Surya’s other names as Ravi, Marthanda and Bhaskara. Lot of puranic stories are associated with him, and his consorts are Ma Sandhya and Ma Chaya. His children are Yama, Shani, Ashwini Devas, Yamuna and Tapti. Yama and Shani are considered as the god of justice, and they are discharging their duties in a proper manner in their respective divine worlds. Ma Yamuna and Ma Tapti have become holy rivers in the earth, and they are controlled by Lord Varuna Bhagavan, the god of ocean.

Through the help of Lord Surya, rains are being showered properly, lands are becoming more and more fertile and food crops are also grown properly. Since Surya helps in Agriculture, farmers consider him as their beloved god, and the festival Pongal also known as Makara Shankranti is being celebrated as an act of showing our gratitude to the Sun God. Though it is very difficult to visit the Surya Mandala by us, but the great Vishnu Devotees like Narada, Tumburu, Prahalada and Dhruva have visited the Surya Mandala several times in order to pay their respects directly to the Sun God.

Surya is giving light to everybody in the universe in a selfless manner. He was mentioned in the Puranas and in Vedas, and he is considered to be an ancient Vedic deity. Those who suffer from poor eye sight and from skin problems are suggested to worship Lord Surya in the early morning hours by chanting the Surya Mantra. We are also getting lot of energy by seeing the Sun god in our naked eyes especially during the early morning hours. In Mahabharata, it was mentioned that, it was Lord Surya who had given the Akshaya Patra, the divine food bowl, to the Pandavas and Draupati and blessed them. Doing Surya Namaskaram and chanting the Aditya Hrudaya Stotra is considered as a good act, since by doing that, we would get lot of energy, enthusiasm and happiness in our life.