Significance Of Lord Kali Purusha

Significance Of Lord Kali Purusha



According to legend, Kali Purusha is created by Lord Brahma during the end of the Dwapara Yuga. He is having the features of Lord Brahma and contains his powers. He has been deputed by Lord Brahma to cause harm to the sinful people, and to even change the minds of the noble people, in order to make them to commit crimes. Though he is considered as a wicked demon, he is doing his duty as per the Yuga Dharma, and as per the orders of Lord Brahma.

He appears very ugly, and contains a dark face. During the Dwapara Yuga, he appeared before the great Yudhishtra and promised him that he would not give any sort of problems to his kingdom. In general, he would not give troubles to the Bhaktas, who dedicate their entire attention on god. He dwells in the hearts of the bad people, and forces them to commit mistakes like doing theft, murdering others, raping women, disrespecting others and acquiring the property of innocent people etc.

He will reside in places like gambling centres, butchery shops, gold, drugs and wine selling places, and in the minds of non-believers of god. He will make the people to get angry over others, and induce them to attack others. He would induce the bad habits in the minds of the people like fear, lust and jealousy, and due to that, people would do lot of bad deeds in their life.

It is highly recommended to do “NAMA JAPAM”, in order to control our senses, and to avoid committing crimes. Among the “NAMA JAPAM”, “RAMA NAMA JAPAM”, is the most effective one, and it removes the bad thoughts of the people, and makes them to become pure and pious in their life.

Apart from worshipping the almighty and doing “NAMA JAPAM”, in order to safeguard ourselves from the clutches of the Kali Purusha, daily at least once, we can pray to him, not to give troubles in our life, and not to interfere in our life. As per the sayings of the Kali Purusha, those who give respect to him, and those who do good deeds in their life, he would not give big troubles in their life.