Sri Brahmamritham


During the Krita Yuga, in the Brahma Lok, among the several devas, there lived a noble deva, whose name is SANGUKARNAR. His main job is to come to the earth and pluck the fragrant flowers, and take it to the Brahma Loka, and give it to Lord Brahma Dev for performing puja to Lord Vishnu. Once, he got delayed to return to the Brahma Loka, and due to that the Puja was not performed in the stipulated time by Lord Brahma. And hence, he was cursed by Brahma to be born into the family of demons, in the earth.

Sri Sangukarna Dev was very much worried, and asked Brahma to apologize him. But Brahma has said, that the curse given by him cannot be changed even by himself, and the birth would be taken by him due to good reasons only, and he will be born as Bhakt Prahalad, and acts as an example for others, with regard to deep devotion on the god.

The beautiful songs sung by Sri Sangukarna Dev in praise of his master Lord Brahma Dev was named as “SRI BRAHMAMRITHAM”, and some of those songs are as follows:-

We offer our heartily prayers to Lord Brahma who is considered to be one of the Trimurti.

Oh My God, You are having superior powers to do anything on your own, and, you are the one who gives great spiritual enlightenment to your devotees for attaining salvation.

Oh my God! Even if your father Lord Vishnu, in the Vaikunta, is unable to fully tell about your significance, then how could the ordinary mortals knew about your significance?

Oh my Master Lord Brahma! Your appearance is very handsome, you contain merciful eyes, your four heads are the four directions in the world, your four hands shows us the right path, and we want to take shelter under your lotus legs.

Oh my father Brahma! You are the first and foremost Rishi who is very good in granting boons to your devotees, who is omnipotent, who is the father of the entire universe.

Oh our worshipful god Brahma, you are apart from worldly pleasures and illusions, those who worship you sincerely, would attain all sorts of prosperity in their life.

Oh our kind Lord Brahma, you are protecting the universe through your great spiritual powers, you are showing abundant mercy on your devotees, and all of your creations look very wonderful.

Oh God, you are the god of dharma, you are the god of Vedas, and you are the god of creation, protection and destruction.

Oh our wonderful god Brahma, you are our breath, you are filled up on our souls, and those who realize you fully would be relieved from the chain of re-births.

Oh our perfect divine master Brahma who gives everything to us within a fraction of few seconds.

Salutations to the great four headed God who removes the evils from our body.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who consoles us like our own father and mother during the times of our sufferings.

Salutations   to the four head god who removes the thorns on our path, and he is the one, who would put flowers on our path.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who is a highly knowledgeable person, who is the winner in the debates, and he is the one, who acts like a lion among the scholars.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, who takes enough care and attention, on his devotees, who would be seated in the divine lotus flower, who likes his consort Ma Saraswati Devi very much, and he is the one, who removes the troubles and turmoil of the people.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who does his creation work, very effectively and efficiently.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, whose holy feet is worshipped by the Rivers like Ma Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati, and he is the one who is very pure and pious.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who is the son of Lord Vishnu, and he is the one, who was formed from the naval of Lord Vishnu.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who has got abundant powers, and he is the one who would burn our sorrows into ashes.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, and he is the supreme one, who keeps all the planets under his control, and he is also known as “NAVAGRAHA NAYAGA”, the master of the entire planets.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who controls even the death god Yama Dev.

Salutations to Lord Brahma, and he is the one who was described in the Vedas.

Salutations to Lord Brahma whose body shines like millions and millions of suns, and he is the one, whose powers are spread throughout the universe.

Salutations to Lord Brahma whose Satya Loka is covered with full of beauty, and it looks more attractive than all other divine worlds.

Salutations to Lord Brahma who has never committed any mistakes in his creation work.