Sri Maapillai Vinayaka

Sri MaaPillai Vinayaka



Lord Vinayaka is fondly called as Maapillai Vinayaka and few temples are also dedicated to him in that name. In these temples, similar to the newly wedded bridegroom, Lord Vinayaka appears very beautifully and neatly dressed with costly garments, and his body is decorated with precious golden ornaments. He can be seen along with his consorts Ma Riddhi and Ma Siddhi. Maapillai is a Tamil word and it means Bridegroom.

The word Maapillai would be very often shared in between friends especially in Tamil Nadu, in order to express their strong bondage, love and affection on each other.

Parents who search suitable bride/bridegroom for their children, are suggested to visit and worship any of the below mentioned temples, in order to get the entire grace of the first god Vinayaka. Newly wedded couples and all the married couple are advised to visit the Maapillai Vinayaka Temples in order to avoid misunderstandings, fights, divorces between them, and to live their life smoothly, happily, peacefully and beautifully. (Strattera)

There is a famous Soda company which is situated in Madurai, and due to their great bhakti on Lord Vinayaka, in order to express their love and affection on their beloved god they have named their Soda Company as Sri Mappillai Vinayagar Soda Company.

Some of the Mappillai Vinayagar Temples situated in Tamil Nadu are as follows:-

ARULMIGU SRI MAPPILLAI VINAYAGAR THIRUKOIL Situated at 2nd St, APN Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Madambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600126.

SRI MAAPILLAI VINAYAGAR TEMPLE located at Kollidam – Kallanai Main Rd, Muttam, Tamil Nadu 608306.

SRI MAPILLAI VINAYAKA ALAYAM situated at Krishnapuram Road, Elayirampannai, Virudhunagar – 626201.

THIRU MAPPILLAI VINAYAKA KOVIL situated at Kanagapuram, Tamil Nadu 638112, Rajapalayam.

In all the above temples, Vinayaka Chathurti is being grandly celebrated on (10.09.2021).

Everyday everybody is facing some problems in their life, whether it is small or big, and human life consists of a mixture of both happiness and sorrows, and in order to get rid from that, or at least, in order to get sufficient withstanding powers to face any kind of problems and challenges in our life, we have to worship Lord Vinayaka compulsorily on a regular basis, and especially on this auspicious Vinayaka Chathurti festival day (10.09.2021).

Hence, let us sincerely worship Lord Vinayaka in order to remove the obstacles in our life.