Surasundari is the daughter of Lord Varuna and Mata Varuni. Lord Varuna is the god of ocean, whereas Varuni is the goddess of wine. The importance of Surasundari is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas, and she is considered as the controller of the River Goddesses like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari.  Surasundari contains great powers, similar to her parents, and she is believed to be the devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Surasundari discharges her duties in an effective manner, and acts as a friend and guide to the holy rivers. Though she is not considered as a popular goddess, she is our affectionate mother, and worshipping her would cleanse our sins, removes our diseases, and we would become pure and pious. Surasundari is mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata, and she appeared along with her father Lord Varuna before Lord Rama, when Rama was ruling the kingdom of Ayodhya. She also appeared before Draupati and consoled her, when Draupati spent her life in the forest along with the Pandavas. Mata Surasundari is also worshipped by the ancient sages and saints, and she is considered as the giver of boons and the fulfiller of our wishes. In ancient times, in some parts of North Indian villages, Surasundari was worshipped by the village people, as their Kula Devata and as their Ishta Devata. Some ancient kings also worshipped Surasundari along with her father Varuna, during the times of drought and famine, in order to get their grace for getting rain.

Though her idols are not found in any temples, we can worship her by placing her picture in our puja room, and can chant her mantra, “OM MATA SURASUNDARI DEVIYE NAMAHA”, for getting goodness in our lives. By worshipping her sincerely, we would get an opportunity to live in the Varuna Loka, after our death.