Ukra Kumara Pandiyan



Ukra Kumara Pandiyan was the son of Lord Sundareswarar, and Mata Meenakshi. He was also known as Ukkira Peru Vazhuti. Lord Sundareswarar and Mata Meenakshi are the forms of Lord Shiva and Parvati and their son Ukkira Kumara Pandiyan is a form of Lord Muruga.

Ma Meenakshi along with Sundareswarar, also known as Chokkanathar ruled the kingdom of Madurai, before 5,000+odd years ago. Both of them have taken avatars, in order to maintain peace and prosperity in this earth. Similar to them, Sri Ukra Kumara Pandiyan also ruled the kingdom of Madurai, in a prosperous manner.

Ma Meenakshi was the daughter of Malayathwaja Pandiyan and Kanchanamala. At her teenage, she defeated all the kings in the earth and also defeated all the demi gods in the divine worlds. Finally she reached Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva, and after she met him, she showed her shyness before Lord Shiva, and Lord Shiva blessed her, and promised that he would marry her in Madurai after a short period of time. Likewise, Lord Shiva married Mata Meenakshi at Madurai, and at that time all the saintly people in the earth and the demi gods in the heaven were attended the divine marriage and they were very much pleased.

After the completion of marriage, both of them began to rule the kingdom of Madurai in a nice manner. During the reign of Ma Meenakshi all the people in Madurai lived a happy and a blessed life, and lived without any miseries and sorrows in their lives. Rain was showered in all the seasons, and people lived a long life, without suffering from any diseases in their life.

After successfully ruling the kingdom of Madurai, Ma Meenakshi crowned her son Ukra Kumara Pandiyan as the king of Madurai, and both of the divine couple went to Kailasa. Similar to their parents, Ukra Kumara Pandiyan also gave a golden rule, and after ruling a long term, he crowned his son as the king of Madurai, and went to the abode of his parents, the holy kailasa.