Unknown Facts About Lord Hanuman

Unknown Facts About Lord HanumanUnknown Facts About Lord Hanuman


Lot of interesting incidents are associated with Lord Hanuman, especially, when he served as the divine attendant to Lord Rama, after the completion of his exile term, and after he becomes the king of Ayodhya. Lord Hanuman served very faithfully and fondly to Lord Rama, and he is considered to be the most important Bhagavatha of Lord Vishnu, from the Treta Yuga, though Prahalada and Dhruva served as the Bhagavathas of Lord Vishnu during the Krita Yuga itself.

Though Hanuman contains good valour, strength and memory power, yet, out of his Rama Bhakti, sometimes he behaved like a small child. After knowing about the significance of applying the Sindoor on the body from Ma Sita, Lord Hanuman began to apply the holy Sindoor all over his body, and that’s why in most of the Hanuman Temples, Sindoor would be adorned all over the body of Hanuman.

Some of the Unknown facts about Lord Hanuman are as follows:-

  1. Hanuman served to Lord Rama as a sincere attendant for more than 11,000 years, and during the entire period, he served his master with full of love, dedication and devotion, and he didn’t receive any scolding from Lord Rama.
  2. By worshipping Lord Rama continuously, Hanuman has obtained enormous powers, and hence, he is also called as “HANUMANATHARAMA”.
  3. No one can defeat Lord Hanuman through any weapons, and he cannot be killed by anyone.
  4. When Rama sent Ma Sita to the forest, it was Lord Hanuman who fell down at the feet of Lord Rama, in order to show mercy on Ma Sita.
  5. Due to his staunch devotion on Lord Rama, Hanuman would become the next Brahma after the completion of this present Kali Yuga.
  6. Those who worship Lord Hanuman need not get afraid of Lord Shani Dev, Lord Yama Dev and Lord Kali Purusha.
  7. Apart from serving Lord Rama as a humble servant, Hanuman also served as a Vehicle to Lord Rama.
  8. In order to prove his Rama Bhakti, Hanuman has opened his heart and he has shown the image of Rama and Sita to everyone.
  9. Lord Hanuman has got the habit of playing with small children, and he is very fond of performing Rama Puja with flowers, fruits and by reciting the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”.
  10. Hanuman quickly learnt the Vedas from Lord Surya Bhagavan, even when he was riding his chariot at a high speed.
  11. Still now, Hanuman performs penance on Lord Rama, at a cave in the holy Mountain Himalayas, and it is believed that few of his devotees had seen him at the cave.
  12. Hanuman was also tested by Lord Indra and other Devas, while he was performing meditation on Lord Rama on the Himalayas.
  13. It is believed that still now Hanuman takes the form of an old saint, and used to attend the “Ramayana Upanyasam”, with much interest.
  14. Lord Hanuman can take any other form, and similar to Lord Krishna who has taken the Viswaroopa Form during the time of Kurukshetra war, Hanuman also has shown his full form to the saints like Tulsidas, Kabirdas and Ramananda.