Veer Fatta ji



Veer Fatta ji was born in Jalore village in Rajasthan, and he is believed to be the ruler of Jalore village in Rajasthan. He was a sincere devotee of Ma Kali, and used to worship her in the temples. He showed great love and affection on his people, and protected them from wild animals and thieves. He got talented in handing all kinds of deadly weapons, and he was an excellent warrior. He considered the women as Ma Shakti Devi, and gave good respect to them. During his period, all of his people were lived happily and peacefully without facing any troubles in their life.

Once while he was fighting with his enemies, he was cunningly killed by them. He left his life for the welfare of his people, and after his death, people began to worship him as their Devata, and the people living in Jalore village considered him to be their beloved deity, and a big temple was constructed for him in Jalore village. Every year, grand festival would be celebrated at his temple, and huge fair would be organized by the village people every year.


  1. Be a brave warrior and don’t get afraid of anything in your life.
  2. Show your sincere devotion on Ma Kali, and worship her in the temples.
  3. Be like a roaring tiger, and fight fiercely with your enemies in order to get victory.
  4. Your life is not in your hands, since everything is already decided by the god. Do your part of work cheerfully.
  5. Our body can be destroyed, but there is no end for our soul.
  6. Provide your immediate support for those in need of your help.
  7. Don’t lose your courage, and be a brave man throughout in your life.
  8. Sufferings are common in this earth, and hence instead of getting worried about the problems in your life, consider it as a part and parcel of your life.
  9. If you are a coward, even a small boy would cause harm to you, and hence be like a brave lion.