Gora Kumbhar (1267-1317) was a Hindu saint  of Maharashtra. He was a potter  and a great devotee of Lord Vithal (Manifestation of Lord Krishna).

Gora Kumbhar had written and sung several songs in praise of Lord Vithal.


Gora Kumbhar was lived in a village in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra State. He is believed to have been a close friend of Saint Namdev.

He lived with his wife and his child in his village by doing his pottery work, and also by devoting on Lord Vithal.

Once due to his great devotion on Lord Vithal, he began singing and dancing with joyful tears showering from his eyes. He forgot everything and was fully devoted to Lord Krishna. At that time, his child crawls near him, and without his attention on his child, he pressed his child with his legs, and his child got crushed from his legs and died.

After knowing the incident, he felt very bad, and prayed to Lord Vithal at Pandharpur along with his wife. To his surprise, his child was brought back alive due to the divine grace of Lord Vithal and he and his wife were very happy about the miraculous incident, and thanked to the god for saving their child.


He was a staunch devotee of Lord Vithal, and he was unaware of the things happening near to him while devoting the Lord. His bhakti is unimaginable and unthinkable from our perspective. He acts as an example for others. We should also try to inculcate ourselves with such a bhakti spirit in our soul.


The great vithal devotee will save us from the hardships and will blossom our life. Let us pray to him with sincere devotion and be blessed.