We can also call Guru Raghavendra as Bhagavan Raghavendra and as Lord Raghavendra, since most of his staunch devotees call him like that! If the holy Christians call the great Jesus Christ as Lord Jesus Christ (the child of the god taken birth in the form of human), then why can’t we call our worshipful Guru Raghavendra as Bhagavan?, since Guru Raghavendra is also an aspect and the mighty son of Lord Brahma, the holy Lord Shanku Karna Deva. If most of the Shirdi Saibaba devotees call him as Lord Saibaba, then why can’t we call our affectionate Guru Raghavendra as Lord Raghavendra?

In times of troubles, we used to call the god in order to protect us (Oh Lord Save me), likewise our Guru Raghavendra is entitled to the title “LORD”.  In one of the Raghavendra Swamy devotee, Sri DMag Saravanan’s Videos, a female devotee was telling in an interview, “For me Raghavendra is everything, he is not only our Guru, but, he is greater than that, in fact, he is our kind Lord”.

In one Tamil bhakti song, Guru Raghavendra is praised as “KAAKUM KADAVULE”, “KAVAL DEIVAM”, the protection god, and as “KALIYUGA BHAGAVAN”, the Lord who has taken birth in the form of human in this Kali Yuga.

Most of the devotees used to mention the abodes of Raghavendra as Temples, and they wouldn’t say it as Mutts, since they used to consider Guru Raghavendra as Lord Ayyappa, and as Tirupati Balaji, who are still performing meditation in their respective shrines!

Is there is any need to differentiate a Guru with a god? It all depends on the faith of the devotees those who worship him. Even some staunch devotees of Guru Raghavendra worship Raghavendra as their family deity itself, since some of them might not be aware about the temples of their family deity itself!

In one of the Kannada Super Star and Raghavendra devotee, Rajkumar Sir’s songs, he sings,” Even I don’t to like to live in the divine worlds like Kailasa and Vaikunta, since I prefer to stay only under the lotus feet of Guru Raghavendra”.

In one song, Guru Raghavendra is being praised as “BHAKTAVATSALA”, which refers to Lord Vishnu, and in another song he is being praised as “SARVESWARA” and as “AKILANDA KODI BRAHMANDA NAYAKA”, which means the Lord of the Universe.

Hence as per the above said explanations, it is hereby declared that we can praise our great Guru Raghavendra as a “LORD”, as a “GOD”, and as “BHAGAVAN”.