CHOKHAMELAChokhamela was a great saint in MaharashtraIndia, and lived in the 14th century. He belonged to the Mahar caste. He was a great poet, and sung in praise of Lord Vitthala, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vitthala.


He was born at a village in  Buldhana district,Maharashtra. He wrote many poems. He was one of the famous poets in India. Chokhamela lived with his family and worked in farms of wealthy people. He lived outside the town in a hut, but was fully devoted on Lord Vitthala. He never worried about his poverty, but lived the life peacefully, with his meagre earnings.

Once he got an opportunity to listen to Saint Namadev songs, and from then onwards, he became initiated into bhakti spirituality. Chokhamela followed Saint Namdev’s teachings.

Once, while doing a construction work, the wall fell down, and crushed Chokhamela and he died. His tomb is situated in front of the Vitthal temple, Pandharpur, and it is believed that the bones of the dead Chokhamela were still chanting the names of Lord Krishna as Vitthala, Vitthala, Panduranga Vitthala in order to visit the Vitthal temple. The bones were buried at the footsteps of the Vitthal temple.


Chokhamela, who was a great vitthal devotee, is an unimaginable person, in connection with his devotion on Lord Krishna. His body and soul is fully filled up with the BHAKTI on Lord Krishna. After his departure from earth, he has attained SALVATION through his true bhakti. During his life time, he never aimed at anything, but only by keeping Lord Krishna in his mind, and always uttering his names, even while doing his work. We should also try to cultivate the bhakti spirit among ourselves, in order to run a peaceful life in this KALI YUGA. Let us worship Chokhamela and be blessed.