Rishi Mudgal, is one of the Rajarshi in Hinduism. He was a Kshatriya king, but due to his severe penances, he attained great powers and became a famous Rishi. He wrote the Mudgala Purana. In his Purana, he praises about Lord Ganesha, and the way of doing pujas and homams to Lord Ganapati. He got very patience and never hated others, and also never cursed others, even if someone had caused harm to him. He was a pious sage. Once, Rishi Mudgal was the king of the Punjab. He is known as Rajarishi similar to the great sage Viswamitra. His name was mentioned in several ancient puranas and sacred hindu texts. His sons were lived as Rajpurohitas( Chief priests of the king). His wife was a pious and a noble lady Nalayani, who served him as a dutiful wife and showed her full attention on him and she acts as an example for others. In her next birth, she took birth as draupadi and married the pandavas. And she is also an avatar of Mata Parvati and her various temples are located all over India.