Shri Krishna Saraswati Swamigal (1836-1900 AD) was lived in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Swami was also called as Dattaswami. He is considered as an avatar of Lord Dattatreya. He was a spiritual saint and born in this earth to propagate the teachings and importance of Lord Dattatreya among the people. He will used to visit the famous temple of Mata Mahalakshmi at Kolhapur, and offer his prayers to the goddess.

Swami has got large number of followers, and the most prominent one is Sant Namdev, who lived in Kolhapur. His disciple Guruvarya Appa has shown the spiritual path to many devotees of Lord Dattatreya and guided them properly.

Sri Krishna Saraswati Swamigal has shown his true form as Lord Dattatreya to his sincere devotees. He has spread the importance of Hinduism among the masses, and cultivated the bhakti spirit among the people. During his period, he has removed the sufferings of the people, and resolved their mental problems and erased the badness from their hearts.


  1. Believe in Lord Dattatreya, and put your burdens onto him. He will shower his grace on you, and give the fruitful results to you in the appropriate time.
  2. Don’t be lazy, work hard, and get money through that, and don’t cheat others.
  3. Always be kind with others, and don’t talk unnecessarily to others.
  4. Whenever possible, chant the names of the god, and you will find great mental satisfaction through that. Believe that god is the supreme master and we are all his slaves and servants and must keep him in our hearts.
  5. Don’t be greedy. God has already given sufficient wealth to you, with that try to be happy.
  6. Respect others, and take care of your parents properly.
  7. Regularly visit the temples and worship the gods and perform puja to the deities.
  8. Don’t get afraid of death. Anyway, one time you are going to face that. Be prepared for that by keeping a strong mind, and always do good activities to others.
  9. Don’t be a miser. Distribute some portion of your wealth to the poor people, and make them to smile, and their blessings will definitely give great prosperity in your life.


He has eliminated the diseases from the body of the people, and made them to attain great physical and mental strength and shown them the correct path for leading their life properly. He was praised by the people for his kindness and goodness, and respected him in a proper manner. He was a humble and a noble saint who lived for the sake of the people, and lived a pious life.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.