Samarth Ramdas (1608-1681) was a saint and a famous poet of Maharashtra. He has written various famous poems.  Ramdas was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman. His birth name was Narayan Suryaji Thosar, and he was born in a village in Jalna district, Maharashtra in a Brahmin family.

It is believed that due to his sincere devotion, Lord Rama had appeared before him and blessed him, and from then onwards he was called as “RAMDAS”, and he was the author of the holy text, “SRI RAMAMUDHA SAGARA”. He considered that reading the holy text Ramayana is like that of consuming The Divine nectar from the Divine Ocean Parkadal, and hence he named his divine text as, “SRI RAMAMUDHA SAGARA”. Some of the important aspects mentioned in the Holy Text, “SRI RAMAMUDHA SAGARA” are as follows:-

This epic contains lot of good teachings of the ancient sages like Vasishta and Visvamitra which they have conveyed it to Lord Rama during the Treta Yuga.

Ramayana is considered as one of the popular spiritual works of the ancient period, and it is praised even by the foreign people for its rich and valuable contents.

The story of Ramayana has been re-written by many writers, and based on this epic several dramas were also staged by the artists. It is also shown in the form of puppet shows, cinema and dance and also in the form of Divine discourses.

Rama the true hero of Ramayana fully fills our souls for his simple and noble life.

The excellent qualities of Ma Sita are wonderfully portrayed in Ramayana.

King Janaka of Mithila was a good scholar, pure and a pious person, and he was the foster father of Ma Sita.

The love and affection shown by the brothers of Lord Rama is clearly mentioned, and the sacrifice made by the brothers cannot be forgotten by us.

The details about Ravana are mentioned. Though he contains bad nature, yet, he has got enough valour, courage, knowledge and wisdom, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva.

Dasaratha, Rama’s father, was the King of Ayodhya, who loved Rama so much, and similarly Rama also loved him a lot.

Maharishi Valmiki has taken proper care of Ma Sita during the time of her pregnancy like her own father.

The authors of Ramayana consider Rama as a human who contains extraordinary powers, which he has shown only in exceptional situations.

Next to Lord Rama, Hanuman occupies the second hero in Ramayana, since he has done lot of things favourably to Rama, and he always remains as a humble servant to Rama.

Rama has shown his affection to everybody, and even to the small animals like squirrels. Through his divine touch, beautiful stripes remained permanently on the body of the Squirrel.

Just by chanting the Ram Naam, for only once, the divine bird, Sambathi, brother of Jadayu has got back its wings, and it was able to fly high in the skies.

Rama never and ever shown his angry over his parents and he considered them similar to the divine deities.

Rama had given a golden rule for thousands of years, and he was a righteous king, who always taken care with regard to the welfare of the Ayodhya people.

The sacrifice shown by Bird Jatayu for the sake of safeguarding Ma Sita from Ravana is also mentioned.

Hanuman‘s valour was clearly mentioned in Ramayana. Through his Rama Bhakti, he has easily lifted the Sanjeevi Mountain, and also saved Rama and Lakshmana with the herbs of the Sanjeevi Mountain.

Likewise we can extract lot of nice things from the Ramayana, and it acts as a divine guide for us. We can also say that it acts as the holy bible for the Hindus. Similar to the Christians who keep a copy of the Holy Bible on their bag, we can also keep a copy of the Ramayana book in our bag, so that it acts as a protective shield for us. Lot of people have experienced good changes in their lives after their regular reading of Ramayan. It also acts as medicine for the patients, and some of them would keep a copy of Ramayana Book in their bed, and also would frequently chant the Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”, and as a result, they would get a speedy recovery from their prolonged illness.