Guru Anjaneyan Parama Pavithran Thanga Vadivinan, Guru Anjaneyan Punya Purushan, Guru Anjaneyan Sri Rama Doothan, Guru Anjaneyan Anbu Mayamanavan, Guru Anjaneyan Surya Sishyan, Guru Anjaneyan Shiva Roopan, Guru Anjaneyan Lokathipati, Guru Anjaneyan Brahmaswaroopanavan, Guru Anjaneyan Sundara Vadivanavan, Guru Anjaneyan Kama Krodamanaithaiyum Azhithavan, Guru Anjaneyan Rama Paithyan, Guru Anjaneyan Ramanadimai, Guru Anjaneyan Srirama Senatipati.

Meaning for the above Praise on Lord Anjaneya

Oh our worshipful Guru Anjaneya, you are purest among the pure and you looks very attractive similar to the shining gold, Guru Anjaneya you are the most sacred person, Guru Anjaneya you have acted as a spy to Lord Rama, Guru Anjaneya you are the most merciful god, Guru Anjaneya you are the disciple to Lord Surya Bhagavan, Guru Anjaneya you are an aspect of Lord Shiva, Guru Anjaneya you are the universal god, Guru Anjaneya you are the ultimate Brahman and the wire puller of the entire universe, Guru Anjaneya you looks very beautiful, Guru Anjaneya you have destroyed the badness like lust and anger, Guru Anjaneya you have become mad in chanting the Sri Rama Mantra, “JAI SRIRAM”, and you are also making us mad in reciting, writing and hearing of Rama Mantra, Guru Anjaneya you consider yourself as a humble slave and servant to Lord Sri Rama, Guru Anjaneya you have acted as the head of the army during the Ramayana war.

Lord Hanuman who is also called by various names, such as Anjaneya, Maruthi, Vayu Maindan and Ramadoothan is the worshipful Guru, and in fact, he has incarnated as the great Madhwa Saint, and the founder of Madhwa sect, Sri Madhwacharya, who is regarded as a Universal Guru. When Anjaneya was granted boons by Lord Brahma, he was declared as Guru Anjaneya, since he had learned all the Vedas, Shastras and Puranas from Lord Surya Dev. In fact, he can be compared even with Guru Brihaspati and Guru Sukracharya for his vast knowledge in all the divine subjects.

Lord Anjaneya has also acted as a wise minister to King Sugriva when he ruled the Kishkinta Kingdom. He was very clever in judging the personality of the people, and that’s why, when Vibhishana wanted to take refuge under Rama, just by seeing on his face only once, he decided that Vibhishana was a harmless person. When Sugriva delayed in searching for Ma Sita, it was Lord Anjaneya, who has pressurised him in searching for Ma Sita.

In one of the chapters of Ramanaya, Rishi Valmiki has mentioned Anjaneya as “PARAMA GURU”, the most revered Guru, “PARAMA PANDITAN”, the most learned person, “NITHYA SIRANJEEVI”, immortal for ever, “KARUNA SAGARA”, shows mercy on his devotees like the vast ocean, “SOUNDARYAN”, the most handsome, “NITHYA BRAHMACHARI”, a strict observer of celibacy.