Akhandamandalaakaaram Vyaaptam yena Charaacharam

Tatpadam Darshitam Yena Tasmaisri Gurave Namaha.

Salutations to that guru who can guide us to that Supreme Knowledge which pervades in all living and non living beings in this Universe

Rushis of Bharat

‘One who sees’ is a seer or a Rushi. The great sages of ancient India were inspired when they were in a state of communion with the divine and gained intuitive insights into the fundamental and underlying truths of this Universe. These truths formed the basis of their spiritual teachings to mankind and helped in establishing the great Vedic Civilization. The Saptarushis were the pioneers of today’s Vedic society. They laid the ground rules for each profession and established the various arts which developed in later years as a full fledged tool for living. They passed on the Vedic hymns and are the patriarchs of mankind. They guide man in every act and prod him to lead a life of righteousness. We are indeed blessed to have such divine guidance and it is our duty to remind ourselves about this legacy.


The Acharyas who came later at different periods in history codified traditions and showed the world the message given in the Scriptures according to the time and place they were born. These traditions are carried on till this day with their successors donning the mantle of delineating the Scriptural knowledge to the masses in an easy, practical manner relevant to the times.

Other Gurus

A Guru is one who dispels darkness and shows us the path towards the divine. Gu’, the first syllable of the word ‘Guru’, stands for darkness or ignorance and the second syllable ‘Ru’ means light or knowledge. A guru is unique to our tradition for he is far greater than a teacher or a preacher. To have the blessings of a Satguru is a sign of divine grace. A satguru does not advocate the same prescription for all. It is certainly not the case of ‘one size fits all’. ‘To each according to his need’ is the maxim.

In the section on Gurus there are many categories ranging from Rushis, Acharyas and Saints, great devotees who guide others due to their experience, modern thinkers who have influenced others with their wisdom, new age teachers who have brought forth various techniques for mind and body control and Sikh gurus. It is the choice of each individual to follow the path that is most suited to him by choosing one’s teacher or guru carefully. It takes a good deal of effort on the part of a seeker to select a genuine master who can help the disciple cross over the Ocean of Sansar in an altruistic way without being attached to material concerns. One has to experience for oneself, examine thoroughly and only then accept one’s guru. Especially in today’s society where there are many willing to don the role of a guru.

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