Dalpatram Dahyabhai Travadi (1820–1898) was a Gujarati poet lived during the 19th century. He was a social reformer and conducted lectures for improving the standard of living of the poor people. He was against caste discrimination and child marriage, and encouraged in the remarriage of widows.

Dalpatram was born in the year 1820 at a city of Surendranagar district in a Brahmin family. At his young age itself he used to chant the Mantras and studied the religious scriptures. He was a child genius and showed his extraordinary literary skills by composing bhakti songs on Lord Krishna at the age of 12. He had trained in the divine subjects under the Swaminarayan devotee, Sri Brahmanand Swami, and at his teenage, he moved to Ahmedabad.

Dalpatram died in the year 1898 at Ahmedabad.

In 2001, a memorial was founded for him in Ahmedabad, and the statue is made out of bronze. Dalpatram was liked by the Indian people for his strong participation in social services. He provided lot of welfare activities to the poor people from his own money, and he helped in the marriage of the poor girls.

Let us praise the great poet.