Devaraya Swamigal



Devaraya Swamigal was born in the year 1820 in a pious Hindu family, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga. He is the author of the famous Kanda Shasti Kavasam, which was composed by him in Tamil language through the grace of Lord Muruga.

His father was a rich man, and he was a wealthy landlord and lived in Mysore under the British rule. Devaraya at his young age itself learned Tamil language under Shree Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai, a Tamil scholar from Trichy, and he quickly grasped the language, and began to write devotional songs on the Tamil God Muruga. Apart from Kanda Shasti Kavasam, Devaraya Swamigal also wrote kavasams such as Siva Kavacham, Shanmuga Kavacham, Shakthi Kavacham and Narayana Kavacham. His other devotional works are

  1. Kuselopakyaanam.
  2. Thanigasala Maalai.
  3. Panchaakara Desigar Pathigam.
  4. Seda Maalai.

Kanda Shasti Kavasam is recited for getting all kinds of prosperities in our life. It will remove the unnecessary fear from our mind, gives peacefulness and happiness and diverts our mind to concentrate on divine matters. In most of the houses of Tamil devotees, Kanda Shasti Kavasam would be recited, especially by the housewives. They used to recite it for the welfare of their husband and children, and for their general well-being.

Devaraya Swamigal once had the divine vision of Lord Muruga, and after that, he gained more spiritual energy and thereafter he lived a saintly life. During his period, he removed the diseases of the people by reciting the Kanda Shasti Kavasam. He used to eat only simple food, and dedicated his entire attention on writing and singing bhakti songs in front of Muruga Temples. He visited several temples of Lord Muruga, and it is believed, that after the end of his life, through the blessings of Lord Muruga, he had attained SALVATION.

Let us worship the great Muruga Bhakta Sri Devaraya Swamigal and be blessed.