Acharya Ramlochan Saran



Acharya Ramlochan Saran (1889 –1971) was born in Darbhanga, Bihar was a Hindi writer and publisher. He started a publishing agency, and published magazines such as Balak Magazine, Himalaya and Honhar. He also published books on Mahatma Gandhi in both Hindi and English. He translated the work “RAMCHARITRAMANAS” written by the famous saint and Ram Devotee Tulsidas, an avatar of Sage Valmiki. He also encouraged many other Hindi writers and taught simple ways to write books. He was appreciated by Mahatma Gandhi, for his wonderful works, and was also appreciated by the then Indian politicians.

Ramlochan was honoured by the kings of Darbhanga, and he was suitably rewarded by them.  Ramlochan was a great Ram devotee, and he surrendered his soul and body under the feet of Lord Ram. Daily he used to chant the Rama mantra till his death.

Ramlochan died in Darbhanga in the year 1971. On his death the President of India V. V. Giri had appreciated his good service for publishing wonderful spiritual and children’s books and mentioned that he would be remembered by the people even in the coming generations, and he further mentioned that Ramlochan was a born genius, who contains very good qualities and his place cannot be filled up by anyone.


  1. Develop the reading habit, listen to religious discourses, and feel proud for being born as an Indian.
  2. If you prefer to become a writer, follow the step by step approach, and think a lot before writing the text using pen and paper.
  3. Don’t get confused for small, small things in your life. Always keep your mind and body strong, and always be ready to face any kind of challenges and difficulties in your life.
  4. Life is filled up with both happiness and sorrows. Hence consider both happiness and sorrows equally, and try to become an iron man.
  5. God is not purposefully giving difficulties in your life. Treat both the good and bad things as the gift given by the god, and always keep chanting the glories of Lord Ram.
  6. Don’t show enmity with others. Develop the kind attitude over others, and always speak gently and softly with others.
  7. Always keep telling within yourself, that “I WILL WIN”. In due course of time, you would surely win in your life.
  8. Show your unlimited love and affection to the divine master Lord Rama. He would do wonders in your life.
  9. Nothing would come with you except your Rama Bhakti.

Let us worship the great Rama devotee and writer and be blessed.