Aurva is known to be an angry sage, who was the descendent of Rishi Bhrigu. He was the grandson of Vatsa, and his descendants Gothram was Srivatsa. His son was Richika Maharishi and Richika’s son was Jamadagni.

According to the Mahabharata, once there lived a noble king named Kritavirya, who had donated most of his wealth to the sages. But after his death, his descendants were suffered from poverty and went to the sages and asked them for help. But the sages were refused to give their wealth to them. Due to that, the kings were become angry and killed the sages. Miraculously, one child was escaped from the hands of the kings, and that child was later known as Aurva Rishi.

Though he was considered as an angry person, who got enmity with the kings, since all of his ancestors were killed by them, but he was good at devotion, and doing meditation and helping the common people. Through his powers, he had relieved the people from their diseases and removed their sufferings and made them to live peacefully and happily.

Let us worship the divine rishi “AURVA” and be blessed.