Ammalu Ammal -A great devotee who lived among us!


Ammalu Ammal was born in a pious Madhwa Brahmin family in Kumbakonam, and her family members were ardent devotees of Guru Raghavendra.  She was a noble child, and contains good qualities, and a devotee of Lord Panduranga and Guru Raghavendra. She was married at her younger age, and lost her husband within a few years of marriage.

After she was ill treated by her relatives, she tried to commit suicide. But she was stopped from committing suicide by Lord Vishnu. She was blessed by the Lord and through his grace she lived her life only by taking small quantity of food. Until her death she took only little food.

She used to sing songs on Panduranga and regularly performed bhajans at her home. She used to celebrate Krishna Jayanti and Narasimha Jayanti with much bhakti and prepare various food items and offer it to the god, and after the performance of the puja, would distribute it to the participants of the puja. She visited Pandharpur many times, and worshipped Lord Panduranga with great devotion.

She used to chant Rama Nama for several thousands of times in a day. She was praised by Kanchi Sri Chandrasekhararendra Saraswati Swamigal. She also performed many miracles in the life of her devotees, and removed their sins and diseases, and made them to reach the bhakti path. She lived a saintly life, and dedicated herself to the worship of god.

She died at the ripe age of 104 in 2010 and reached the holy abode of Sriman Narayana, the Vaikunta.

Let us worship the pious mother and be blessed.