Guha was a boat man who lived his life by taking the passengers in his boat and leave them in the other side of the river ganges. He was an honest and an efficient worker, who lived a pious and a noble life. He has already learned about Lord Rama’s exile from Ayodhya and banishment to the forest. He was very much worried about that, and didn’t eat and sleep properly. He was also aware about the incident of turning the stone into Mata Ahalya, and made her into a purified woman by the grace of Lord Rama, and he also knows that he is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and was eagerly waiting to see his beloved Lord.

He started doing necessary arrangements to welcome Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana in order to take them in his boat to leave them in the other part of the shore of the river ganges.


The day also approached. He has seen that Lord Rama and Sita and Lakshmana are arriving that way. He made proper arrangements to welcome them and took the help of his friends, and gave them a warm welcome. He also kindly offered fruits and honey to them in a pleasing manner. As soon as they reached his place, he saluted them and bowed his head before them and also asked his other friends to do like that.

Rama was very much pleased with his sincere devotion on him, and accepted his prayers, and decided to get inside into his boat. Kuha has suddenly stopped him, and washed his lotus                     feet by his hands, and sprinkle the water into his head, and cheerfully asked them to sit into his boat. They were very much pleased and blessed him, and after reaching the shore, Mata Sita gave her ring as a payment for their trip, but he didn’t accept it, and instead of that, asked Lord Rama to give SALVATION to him. Rama immediately nodded his head and touched his hands in his head, and promised him, that after the end of his life, he along with his family and friends would reach the abode of Lord Vishnu, the VAIKUNTA, and would remain there forever.

On hearing the kind words of Lord Rama, joyful tears fell down from his eyes, and worshipped him by chanting the mantra “JAI SRI RAM”.

Due to his great devotion on the Lord, he has got salvation, and is enjoying the eternal bliss in the divine world. Similar to that, we also have to cultivate the same kind of devotion from him. We must try to chant the Rama Mantra “JAI SRIRAM” regularly, which is very simple and easy to recite.

Let us worship the great Guhan and be blessed.