Narahari(13th century AD) is the famous saint of the Varkari sect and a goldsmith from Maharashtra. He lived in Pandharpur, where the sacred temple of Lord Vithoba is located. Previously, he was a staunch shiva devotee, and after some time, Lord Vithoba had made him to realize that both Shiva and Vishnu are similar gods, and thereafter, he has become a staunch Vithoba devotee.

Once, a merchant had approached Narahari Sonar to make the waistband for the deity Vithoba. Narahari doesn’t want to look the idol of Vithoba, since he believes only on Lord Shiva, and he went to the temple of Vithoba by tying his both of the eyes in a cloth. But when he touched the idol, he felt as if he was touching the idol of Lord Shiva, since he felt that the idol was wearing serpent ornaments and contained matted hair on its head. He tested it for one more time, and realized that both Lord Hari and Lord Haran are one and the same, and immediately sang a song in praise of Lord Vithoba.

Afterwards he has become a staunch devotee of Lord Vithoba and penned beautiful songs and sung in front of him in the temple. He has also become a friend of Eknath, a great devotee of Lord Vithoba.

The Sonar community people are worshipping him at his shrine in Pandharpur.


After becoming a Vithoba devotee, he has praised the glory of Lord Vithoba, and used to sing his songs in a mesmerising manner. Many people were admired him towards singing beautiful songs on Lord Vithoba, and praised him for his bhakti on the god. It is believed that Lord Vithoba had once given darshan and blessed him. He was also praised by other vithoba devotees and was honoured by them. Even at the time of his death, he was singing the glories of Lord Krishna, and after his death, he has reached the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta.

In this present scenario, we cannot find such a great devotee, who has melted the hearts of thousands of people through his melodious songs.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.