Narayan Maharaj (1885–1945) was considered by his followers as a GREAT SAINT. He lived in PuneIndia.


Narayan was born in NargundKarnataka in 1885. His parents were died at his younger age. He was took care by his grandmother.  At his younger age, he was deeply interested in spirituality and went to Gangapur and attained spiritual enlightenment.

He travelled to many holy religious places in india and worshipped the divine gods and received the blessings from them.

Narayan lived a comfortable life. But he was unselfish and helped the poor. He was considered as a great man by the people. He attained the divine bliss of the god, and was keen in inculcating the divine spirit amongst the people. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva and conducted regular pujas and provided annadanam to the poor and the needy and given clothes and also offered shelter to them.

He stayed at ooty for some time, towards getting treatment for his health problems, and then moved to Bangalore and performed a grand puja to Lord Mallikarjuna. There he provided free food for more than one lakh devotees in that temple, and after some time he left his physical body, on 3 September 1945.

His Samadhi is situated at his ashram at Bangalore.


Sri Narayan Maharaj though was a rich man, was kind enough to distribute his wealth to the poor and the down trodden people. He was interested in doing social welfare activities, and done it till his last breath. It is considered that he was a blessed devotee of Lord Shiva, and had the vision of Lord Shiva in his dream.

His regular saying is: We are all the slaves of Lord shiva, we have to do good things in our life, in order to reach his divine abode of Kailasa.

He was interested in reading spiritual books and distributed it amongst the people, in order to attain spirituality in their life. He was considered as a humble and a soft spoken Guru, who always chants the Shiva mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” and asked others to do it.

He asked the people to do shiva puja in their homes regularly, and to worship him with utmost faith in order to attain the grace of Lord Shiva.

He insisted his followers to serve others, since it is equivalent to that of serving Lord Shiva.

Let us worship this holy guru and be blessed.