Pakazhikuttar, though he was born as a Vaishnavite, become a staunch devotee of Lord Muruga, since according to his opinion, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Muruga are one and the same. When he performs meditation on Lord Muruga, he used to sit like a tree without shaking his body. Even if insects like ants and spiders bite him, he didn’t bother, but used to concentrate his entire attention only on Lord Muruga. Once he went to Tiruchendur Murugan Temple, and at the request of a devotee, he sang Murugan Pillai Tamizh songs and relieved his pain.

In order to realize his true bhakti among others, Lord Muruga had kept the temple Prasad items near Pakazhikuttar, and he also ate it with full of joy. When the temple priests were searched for the temple Prasad, they found a shining spark in the body of Pakazhikuttar, and at that time, they also heard a divine voice from the sky, which told that due to the true bhakti of Pakazhikuttar, Lord Muruga had offered the temple Prasad even before offering it to him. All of them were astonished with the true bhakti of Pakazhikuttar and praised him.

Pakazhikuttar travelled to all parts of Tamil Nadu, and propagated “MURUGA BHAKTI” amongst the people by the way of singing divine songs on Lord Muruga. He used to conduct spiritual discourses on Muruga Puranam, and made the viewers to realize, that Lord Muruga is the first and foremost god among all others. He never concerned about his health and wealth, but concerned a lot about the welfare of the people. He requested the kings and the rich landlords to feed the poor Muruga devotees three times a day, and also constructed small houses for them.

He also had the divine vision of Lord Muruga for several times, and become a slave to Muruga. At the time of his death, his followers and disciples and the general public were noticed, that a divine spark had appeared from his head, and reached the sky. It is believed that similar to Ramana Maharishi, he also had attained salvation.






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