Before hundred years, there lived a pious Brahmin scholar in a village at Tamilnadu whose name was Palani, and he worked as an assistant priest in the nearby Murugan Temple. He used to assist the chief priest in discharging his day to day duties. He will used to do Abhishekham and Puja to Lord Muruga and used to lit Agarbathies and champhor and would distribute the temple Prasad to the devotees after the completion of the puja.
The Chief priest used to offer bananas to Lord Muruga in large numbers during Thaipoosam festival day. One Thaipoosam day, he found some bananas were missing from the temple. He immediately asked Palani about the disappearance of the bananas. Palani got shivered and in a low voice he told that due to hungriness he had eaten half a dozen bananas and began to weep. The Chief priest got very angry with him and began to beat him with a stick till he gets fainted in the floor. Palani cried and stayed the entire night in the temple and left home in the next day early morning.
In the next day morning, when the chief priest opened the shrine of Lord Muruga, he found that there are lot of scars and wounds in the face of Lord Muruga. Immediately he realized that it was happened due to the punishment he had given it to his assistant, and immediately he called his assistant Palani from his home, and asked apology, and praised him for his sincere devotion on Lord Muruga, and gave rich food items to him. On hearing about the incident, the devotees and the people in the nearby villages approached Palani and began to praise him for his pure bhakti on Lord Muruga.
Let us worship the great Muruga devotee and be blessed.