Pancika is a yaksha and his consort is Hariti, and they had hundreds of children.

According to the legend, Pancika was the army general of Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, and enjoys great powers by controlling the Yaksha army. He fought with several powerful warriors and won in the battles.

Pancika appears along with his consort Hariti by keeping a bag of jewels in his hand.  They were mentioned in Buddhist texts. He appears similar to his master Lord Kubera, and he is also believed to be the god of wealth. It is suggested to worship Lord Pancika and Mata Hariti while worshipping Kubera and his consort Mata Bhadra, in order to get all sorts of prosperities in the earth, and also we would get a chance to live in the Yaksha world, which is situated near the Himalayas, for a long period of time.

Pancika is an able warrior and contains super natural powers. He is the giver of boons to those who worships him sincerely. It is believed that he stills lives in the Yaksha Loka, and enjoys all sorts of comforts and luxuries, and gives his immense blessings to his sincere devotees.

Let us worship Lord Pancika and Mata Hariti and be blessed.