Pulipani Siddhar is an ancient siddhar and is the disciple of Bogar. He is a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva.

Bogar installed Lord Murugan’s Navabashana idol at the Palani Hill, and daily he performed milk and panchamirtham abhishekham to the idol of Lord Murugan. After some time, his disciple Pulipani siddhar performed puja for Lord Murugan, since his guru Bogar went into a samadhi stage.

He got knowledge in vedic subjects and also an expert in all kinds of arts. He is very much interested in spirituality, and also chants the glory of Lord Shiva.

After getting the darshan of Lord Nataraja he concentrated his entire attention on devoting Lord Shiva. He worshipped Lord Siva with ‘Vilva’ leaves. He got a pair of Tiger’s paws as a boon, in order to climb the Vilva tree and for plucking the leaves for the shiva puja.

Pulipani performed yogic meditation towards Lord Siva. He has gained the status of Siddhar, through the divine grace of Lord Shiva.


  1. By sincerely praying to Pulipani Siddhar, all sorts of dreaded diseases and mental disorders will be removed.
  2. We will get self confidence in our mind, and will be able to do our work properly.
  3. We can attain health, wealth and happiness in our life.
  4. Enemy related problems will be solved.
  5. We will get peace of mind.
  6. Unmarried people will be married soon, and they will be blessed with good children.
  7. We can attain spiritual energy in our mind.
  8. We will have a bright future.
  9. Bad, negative and suicidal thoughts will be removed from our mind.

Thus by worshipping Pulipani siddhar, we will get the above benefits in our life, and also after our departure from the earth, we can get SALVATION.

Let us praise his glory and be blessed.