Sri Satram Das Sahib



The great saint Sri Satram Das Sahib was born in a small village in Sindh Pakistan in the year 1866. He is a Sindhi Hindu, and considered as an ardent devotee of Mata Durga Devi.  He was a great man who gave all kinds of prosperities to the poor and the needy people. People from all classes would seek his blessings. Satramdas Sahib had done wonders in the lives of his sincere devotees.

Saint Sai Satramdas Sahib would show his affection to the poor girls and treat them as his own daughters and help them to get married by arranging funds from various places. Saint Satramdas Sahib asked the people to look the women as the forms of Ma Shakti, and to properly respect them. He has done lot of miracles during his lifetime to his devotees: He turned the poor into rich, unhealthy into healthy, bad ones into good ones, dull into clever.

Saint Satramdas Sahib was a great Saint, and he was considered as a saviour to the people. He was a famous singer and he sung several melodious songs in praise of the deities. Similar to other Sindhis, his Kuladeva is Sri Jhulelal Maharaj, an avatar of Lord Varuna Bhagavan.

Sri Satramdas Sahib was good at meditation and yoga, and he taught yoga to his followers. He has seen everybody as the forms of god, and greatly respected the people. He attracted the people through his noble teachings.
Saint Satramdas Sahib had attained MUKTI in the year 1904.


  1. You are the king for you, and don’t underestimate yourself among others.
  2. Chant the glories of the god, and surrender yourself at his feet.
  3. No one is perfect in this world. Then why are you worrying about your mistakes? Try to correct yourself at this moment, and become pure.
  4. Remember without the grace of the god, you can’t even breathe, hence, praise the god, and thank him for each and every second, for giving you a good life.
  5. Everything is perishable in this world, except the divine god.
  6. Don’t think about your present position. Think about the worst sufferers in this world, and console yourself that you are lucky than those people.
  7. Don’t waste your time about thinking the present and future life. Do your duty properly and rest god will take care of.
  8. Make friendship with others, and don’t hate others.
  9. Your worst enemy is your EGO. Try to destroy it then you will come forward in your life.

Let us praise the noble saint and be blessed.