Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Dr. Omendra Ratnu is Consultant Surgeon, Writer, Founder Of Nimittekam
He is from Jaipur & is an ENT surgeon who runs his own hospital.

He runs an NGO by the title of Nimittekam , with the main purpose of helping displaced Hindu refugees from Pakistan and integrating Dalit Sahodaras into Hindu mainstream .
Issues of Hindu survival and conflict with violent faiths are his core concerns for which he roams around the world to raise funds and awareness .

He is also a singer , composer , writer , Geeta communicator , and a ground activist for Hindu causes .
He has written a small book on the genocide of Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs.
Just finished penning a book on the great Maharanas of Mewar and their saga of 1000 years war with Islamic invaders.

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