Janaka was an ancient king of Videha. His father name was Hroshhoroma and his brother name was Kushadhwaja. King Nimi was the first ruler of the Videha kingdom. Janaka’s daughters are Sita and Urmila.Janaka was a non-attachment person towards material objects. He was interested in listening spiritual discourses and considered that showing bhakti to the god is the main thing. He interacted with many holy sages and it can be found in ancient texts. His kingdom was located near Himalayas.
He married his daughter sita to Lord Rama, and another daughter urmila to Lord Lakshmana, belonged to Ayodhya.

His importance was mentioned in ancient hindu scriptures, and about his kindness shown to his people was also mentioned. He treated all the people as equal and given all the riches in their life. During his period, no one was starved from hunger due to lack of food, everyone had lived a disease free and a sin free life. No one had given any complaints about their king’s rule.

Everyone was occupied with some kind of work, and fully concentrated their attention on that work, and done it properly. No thefts were there. No one was worried about thieves, since everyone has got enough money and food, in order to run their life properly. Everyone has acted honestly, and doesn’t find any fault with others.
Though he was the ruler of the kingdom, he took only simple food, and doesn’t enjoyed any comforts and luxuries in his life. He lived a saintly life, and dedicated his entire attention towards worshipping the god, and taking care of his people properly.
During his period, no enemy invasion was there. He treated with kindness and moved with all other kings in a proper manner. He was well respected by his people, and by all other kings, and by the entire world.
He was also a learned man and got thorough knowledge in vedas and other devotional texts, and also a master in all kinds of art.
He was a pious man, who also contains wisdom, knowledge, courage and boldness.

Let us worship this great king and noble sage“JANAKA”, and be blessed.