King Bharthari



Bharthari was the elder brother of the great king Sri Vikramaditya, and he ruled the kingdom of Ujjain before 2000 years. After properly ruling the kingdom for several years, he crowned his younger brother Vikramaditya, as the king of Ujjain, and as per the advice of his spiritual Guru Gorakhnath, who was one of the Navnaths, and the famous Nath sect saint, he went to the forest and performed meditation on Lord Shiva, and become a great saint, and after his death, he had attained salvation.

Stories about the great king Bharthari and Vikramaditya are round in ancient texts, and both of them are considered as very powerful kings. Similar to Vikramaditya, he was a pious and a noble king, who treated his kingdom’s people as his relatives, and provided all sorts of benefits to them. He was also a great devotee of Mata Kali Devi, and he had the vision of Mata Kali for several times during his life time.

Bharthari was the elder son of King Gandharva-Sena, and he was a sincere devotee of Lord Indra, the god of heavens and Lord Shiva, from his childhood itself. Due to the request of Lord Indra, once he went to the Indra Lok, and fought with the demons, and won them in the battle. Due to that, Lord Indra was very much satisfied with his great help, and gave him several boons.

Maharaja Bharthari is worshipped in the form of a divine saint by some sects of people in Rajasthan. Every year, his birth day is celebrated during the Gokulashtami festival day, which falls on August – September in a grand manner.

The life history of King Bharthari was produced by the film makers, and the movie was successfully run. The details are as follows:

  1. Raja Bharthari produced in Gujarati language during the year 1973.
  2. Rajyogi Bharthari produced in Hindi language during the year 1954.
  3. King Bharathari produced in Hindi language during the year 1944.
  4. Bhartruhari, a silent movie was produced during the year 1922.

Let us worship the great king-saint and be blessed.