Vallala Maharaja

The great King Vallala (14th century) ruled over the Thiruvannamalai region. He had two wives, but he did not have a child. Due to that he has offered food to lakhs of people on a daily basis. He renovated the temple of Lord Arunachaleswara and built a huge tower in Arunachaleswarar Temple called Vallala Maharaja Gopuram. Even now we can find this Gopuram in the Arunachaleswarar Temple.
In order to prove his holiness to the world, Lord Shiva decided to test him, and transformed himself in the form of a Shaivite saint and went to the king’s palace, and asked him to find a dancer woman, who can give company to him. But the king could not find anyone, since all the dancers were already got engaged with others.
Hence, as per the wish of his wife, Sallammadevi, the King had decided to offer her to the Saint. As soon as the queen touched him, he transformed into a child. She took the child to the King. But immediately, the divine child disappeared from the hands of the great king. Due to that, the king felt very sad, but Lord Shiva appeared before the royal couple, and blessed them and said that after his death, he himself would do his final rites. Even today after 600 years, on every Masi Makha, on the death anniversary of the King, Lord Arunachala himself performs the annual rites for the King!
Let us worship the holy king and be blessed.

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