Gokulakrishnan was a staunch devotee of Guru Raghavendra swamy and he was born in the year 1971 in a Brahmin family at Triplicane. From his childhood itself, he was a devotee of Guru Raghavendra, and would frequently visit the Triplicane Raghavendra Mutt on thursdays. He has completed his schooling in a school at Triplicane and later on he has finished his B.Com and M.Com degree also through the grace of Raghavendra. He was not good at studies but somehow he had managed to complete his education.
Since Gokulakrishnan was not healthy, he had struggled a lot towards working in private companies. He had suffered from many health issues like Sinus, Asthma, frequent fever, cold and cough. Even after taking proper treatment in big hospitals, he didn’t get cured. Due to that, he had changed many companies. This resulted in depression in his mind, and he used to frequently scold his parents. His parents were maintained patience, since he was their only son.
During the year 2005, he planned to go for an interview on a Thursday morning. At that time, he didn’t purchase mobile phone. He went to Triplicane Mutt and prayed to the Guru, and tried to attend the interview at Avadi. Suddenly, he heard a voice, and it informed him to go to his home immediately. He got surprised and immediately he went home and there he saw his father as a dead body. He has expired just a few minutes ago before his arrival. He was very much shocked, and he was amazed about the kindness of the guru, who had conveyed him about the death of father, and after that he became a staunch devotee of Guru Raghavendra. Similar to that, Guru has performed lot of miracles in his life, and still now he is surviving in this world only through the grace of the divine guru.
Let us worship the great guru Sri Raghavendra and be blessed.