Mother Krishnabai



Mother Krishnabai (1903-1989) was a saint and contains good nature, and showed kindness and motherly affection on the people. She has changed even the bad minded people into good, through her kind attitude, and by showering her motherly affection on them. She lived like a wish-fulfilling tree and provided comfort and gave shelter for the spiritual seekers.

Her good qualities are forgiving others and not finding fault with others, and she was considered as a chaste woman, who lived a saintly life, after the death of her husband. She asked her followers and the people to chant the glorious names of Lord Rama, to do meditation, and to provide service to the mankind.

Mother Krishnabai was born in the year 1903 in a village in Karnataka in a pious Hindu family. During her young age itself, Mataji used to go along with her mother to the temples, and offer her worship to the god. She was married at her young age, and even after that, she was very much interested in knowing about spiritual matters, and hence, she had contacts with the great saints like Sri Chandekar Maharaj, Sri Pandurangashram Swami, Sri Siddharudha Swami, and as per their advice, she began to chant the Rama Mantra, and throughout her life she has recited Rama mantra for several lakhs of times. After the death of her husband, she joined under the great saint Sri Ramdas, whom she considered as her own father and her spiritual guru, and followed her Guru’s teachings.

Mataji sincerely served in the Anandashram, founded by her guru Ramdas, as a mother to all who came under her shelter. Apart from spiritual service, she has done lot of social works like personally serving food to the devotees, giving valuable suggestions to the people, and removed their problems, and also affectionately served Puja Prasad to the devotees in her own hands, and removed their diseases. She has done all these activities, by telling that it was happened due to her Guru’s Grace, Sri Ramdas.

After the Maha Samadhi of her Guru Sri Ramdas, in the year 1963, Mother Krishnabai took charge of the affairs of Anandashram and she tirelessly carried out the noble work, till she attained Maha Samadhi, in the year 1989.

Sayings of the Mother

  1. Similar to a child, become an innocent and pure minded person.
  2. Chant the names of Lord Rama throughout your life.
  3. Always be kind with everyone, and don’t hate others.
  4. Doing selfless service to the people is equivalent to doing service to the god.
  5. Respect your elders, and help them in case of necessity.
  6. Provide food to the hungry living beings as much as you can.
  7. Worship the god, and there is no need to tell about your worries to him, since God knows everything about us, and he would remove our problems at the appropriate time.
  8. Control your senses by doing frequent meditation on god.
  9. Develop the habit of reading spiritual books.