Jatamitra (14th century AD) who was earlier known as Anantappa had served as a pontiff of Sri Vibudentra Tirtha mutt in a well versed manner. His predecessor was Sri Vibudendra Tirtha and his Successor was Sri Raghunanda Tirtha. He was considered as an incarnation of Lord Rudra, a form of Lord Shiva. After serving the mutt for some period, he had disappeared in a holy tree at Shivapura, Shahapur Taluk in Gulbarga District.  It is believed that he is still meditating there in the divine form and blessing his devotees.
Anantappa, at his younger age, had lost his parents and was looked after by her widowed elder sister. He used to assist his sister in the paddy fields and cultivated crops.
Once, Sri Vibudendra Tirtharu, met him and stayed in his house for a few days and done Moola Rama Dev pooja at his house in a pleasing manner. And he gave a Narasimha idol to Anantappa and asked him to perform puja to the deity regularly and went on to travel to holy places. The young boy used to give the holy Prasad directly to the mouth of narasimha’s deity and miraculously the deity also would eat his food.
After some time, Sri Vibudendra Tirtharu visited his house, and on knowing about the miraculous incident of eating the Prasad directly by Lord Narasimha, he was very much convinced with the boy, and made him as his disciple, and Sri Anantappa had become a saint with the new name “SRI JITAMITRA TEERTHA” and Jitamitra Tirtharu became the pontiff of Sri Vibudendra Tirtha Mutt. And during the year 1493, he suddenly disappeared in the holy tree at Gulbarga District, Karnataka.
Still now lot of devotees are worshipping the holy tree and getting his blessings.
Let us worship the great Guru Sri Jitamitra and be blessed.