Kalangi Nathar Siddhar

Kalangi Nathar was a great siddhar from Benaras. And he was the guru of the great siddhar Bhogar. KalangiNathar and Bogar were maintained cordial relationship between each other. Both of them were deeply involved in the spiritual path. Kalangi Nathar took care of his disciple Bogar and taught him about yoga, meditation, and Siddha. KalangiNatharwas the great siddhar who occupied an important role in the development of his disciple Bogar.


He is also called as Kanjamalai Siddhar. He was the disciple of  Thirumoolar.
There is a temple forKalangiNathar in Salem, Tamil Nadu. He has attained Samadhi at this place several hundred years ago.

He traveled to China and attained “SALVATION” in Kanchipuram. His Jeeva samadhi is discovered in Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu. His temple is situated at Salem, which is called as SitharKoil.

KalangiNathar spread the knowledge of yoga to the Chinese people. It is believed that, KalangiNatharlived for a long time.

Kalangi Nathar was a great siddhar, and an expert in martial arts, meditation, yoga and Siddha field. Through his spiritual power, he has done many miracles and removed the diseases from people’s health. He insisted the people do yoga and meditation and to worship god. He was a great scholar and a master in all kinds of art. He is talented in the medicinal field and used herbs for curing the diseases of his devotees. He was a generous and noble saint and was very kind to the common people. He always tried to sort out of the problems in the life of his devotees and give them peacefulness and happiness in their life. Let us pray to this great siddhar, and can receive the blessings from him.