As per Vinayaka Purana, during the Treta Yuga, there lived a noble king whose name was Surasena. He was very good and behaved kindly with his people. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vinayaka and used to perform pujas in the temples and in his palace and offer Mothakams to the First god. Due to his devotion on the Lord, his name and fame was spread, and everyone in his kingdom and from other states began to praise his bhakti.
After ruling several years in a prosperous manner, one day a pushpaka vimana was arrived at his palace and the divine attendants of Lord Vinayaka were asked him to get seated in the holy Vimana in order to take the king to the Ganesa Loka. The king requested them to accept his people also, since he had considered his people as his own children, and the divine attendants were also accepted his proposal. But some people couldn’t get inside the vimana due to their bad karmic deeds. However the great king chanted the holy mantras of Lord Vinayaka, and gave them the divine Prasad Mothak to them. After consuming the holy Prasad, they were able to get inside the Vimana, and their appearance was also changed, and they become divine persons. By this way, the great king Surasena went to the Ganesa Loka along with his family, relatives and the people.
In this today’s world, we can’t even imagine such a kind of selfless person like Sri Surasena, who wants everyone to get Salvation and to enjoy the eternal bliss in the divine world.
Let us worship the great king Surasena and be blessed.

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