Krishnananda Agamavagisha



Krishnananda Agamavagisha also called as Krishnananda Moitra was a Brahmin of Nadia, West Bengal and he was a great scholar and good in doing tantric acts, yoga and meditation. He lived during the 16th century AD. He is the author of the “Tantrasara”, and also written several texts on Hinduism, yoga, bhakti and meditation.


Krishnananda Agamavagisha was born in 1650 at west Bengal into a pious Brahmin family, and his father’s name was Acharya Mahesha. He had one brother and four sons. All the entire family members were worshippers of Lord Krishna. He will used to do puja regularly at his home, and perform abhishekhams to the god and the goddess and used to worship Kali Mata temple at his native place. He introduced the Kali Puja worship in his village, and still now the puja is performed in the kali temple of west Bengal as per his guidelines. He was also the guru of the great Kali devotee Sri Ramprasad Sen.

After doing divine service for several years in the earth, he left his body at MallarpurBirbhum, and reached the divine world.


  1. Have faith in Ma Kali. She will definitely do wonders in your life.
  2. Never lose hope and never feel bad about you. Have enough mental strength and courage in your mind.
  3. Try to read divine books regularly. By doing that, you will get peace of mind.
  4. Don’t be afraid of anything. Fear is the main enemy in our life, and it has to be removed from our mind.
  5. Nothing can be made possible without the blessings of the god.
  6. Show love and affection to everybody, so that you will also get the same from them.
  7. Chant the mantras of the god, and make it as a practice on a daily basis.
  8. Bhakti is the main thing to be followed in this difficult “KALI YUGA”, or otherwise we will have to face up lot of troubles in our daily life.
  9. Our life is fully filled up with miseries and sorrows only. We have to try to eliminate it by doing good things to others.


He had dedicated his entire life towards doing good things to the people, worshipping the god, doing pujas and removing the sufferings of the people through his spiritual powers. He had got name and fame within a short period of time. But he lived a simple life, and given the money received as donations, to the welfare of the people. He didn’t keep anything for his own purpose. Lot of devotees were benefitted by worshipping him. He was praised by the people and by his devotees. It is believed that once he had got the holy darshan of “KALI MA”, and got her divine blessings and received great spiritual power.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.