Mudaliyandan Swamigal

Mudaliyandan was a great saint belonged to Vaishnavism, and lived during 11 century AD. Sri Ramanuja was his uncle, and guru. Mudaliyandan served Sri Ramanuja with utmost dedication and sincerity. His birth name was Dasarathi.
Swami Mudaliyandan was born in 1027 AD at Nazarethpet, Kancheepuram. Initially he learned the basic education from his father, and afterwards he learnt the divine texts from his uncle Sri Ramanuja.
Since he was good in administering Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, he was known as Sri Muthali Aandaan. And he was well treated by Sri Ramanuja and was assigned important duties with regard to the temple activities. His descendants are even now occupying the role of Acharyas of the Sri Vaishnavism tradition, with the title of Mudaliyandan Swami.

He was a kind hearted and a noble saint who dedicated his entire life towards serving the god and his guru. Due to his sincere service, the god himself has got satisfied and appreciated his sincerity and honesty. Though he was an eminent scholar, he didn’t show any pride. People were treated him as equivalent to his guru Sri Ramanuja and showed him much respect and sought blessings from him.
He is considered as one among the famous vaishnavites and is still being honoured with great respect in the Srirangam Temple and also in other Vishnu temples, and several types of puja are performed to his deity. Shri Mudaliyandan Swamy Temple is situated in Singaperumal Koil, Tamilnadu-603209. During the tamil month of puratasi (September – October), people will gather in large numbers to participate in the temple pujas performed at this temple.
Sri Mudaliyandan was very kind and affectionate to his devotees. He has removed the ego of the people through his spiritual power, and also those who got served Lord Ranganatha’s Divine Prasad, from his hands as well as from the hands of Sri Ramanuja, had got relieved from their sins, and their bad thoughts were destroyed and cultivated with good habits. During his period, several people were got benefited by merely seeing his holy face itself and got relieved from several problems. He was born with the main purpose of taking his devotees to the spiritual path and making them to attain moksha. He was such a selfless person.
He was also considered as an incarnation of Bharata, the great brother of Lord Rama. Similar to his previous avatar, in this avatar he served his guru Sri Ramanuja in a pleasing and affectionate manner. He had done all the duties in an efficient manner, and never hated anybody and also showed love and affection towards each and every person. He ate only simple food and frequently kept chanting the names of Lord Vishnu. Through his good behaviour, he was liked by everyone and treated him as a divine avatar. He guided the people to chant the names of Lord Vishnu repeatedly, in order to attain SALVATION.

Let us worship him and his guru and be blessed.