According to Vinayaka Purana, Mukkala Munivar is an ancient sage who lived during the Treta Yuga. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Vinayaka, and lived in an Ashram at the banks of the Holy River Ganges. During his period, there lived a king in Varanasi whose name was Sukrasena. He was a noble king and treated his region’s people as his own relatives, and provided all sorts of benefits to them. His queen was Swarnambika, and she was a pious and a chaste woman. They had one child and his name was Rajasena. The child was born without eye sight and suffered from leprosy. Due to that the king got angry with the queen and his son, and sent them to the forest.
The queen was very much worried about her fate and lived in a small hut in the forest. She used to pluck the fruits from the trees and offer it to her son and she would also take a portion of the food. Once due to the grace of Lord Vinayaka, she met Sri Mukkala Munivar, who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vinayaga. He patiently listen her story and fell pity on her and asked her to do Puja for Lord Ganesa for 48 days by chanting the ganapathy mantra and by adorning the deity of Vinayaka with Vanni leaves and Arukampul.
The noble queen had done like that. In the 49th day morning, the child had got his vision, and his appearance was changed and he has become a handsome person. The queen happily worshipped Lord Vinayaka and Mukkala Munivar and went back to her palace. The king also welcomed the queen and his son, and from then onwards, they become ardent devotees of Lord Vinayaka. He also built many temples for Ganesa and after their death the entire family went to the Ganesa Loka. This was happened mainly because of the guidance given by the great Mukkala Munivar to the queen.
Let us worship the great sage and be blessed.

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