Sundarar was an 8th century famous Shaivite Saint and is also one among the 63 Nayanmars. The Periya Puranam, tells the importance of the Nayanmars and praises the glory of Sundarar and his relation with Lord Shiva. He was also contributed a major portion in the divine tamil text Tirumurai and was widely praised by the shaivites. His birth name was Nambi Aroorar. He was born in Thirunavalur into a Shaivite Priest family. He was adopted by the king Narasingamunaiarayar, and brought him up as his own son.
Sundarar’s father, Sadayan and his mother Isaignani were also nayanmars. While Sundarar was about to get married in Arulmigu Sokkantheeshwarar Temple at Puthur, Lord Shiva came in the form of an old man and asked him to sing songs on him. Sundarar began his first poem by addressing Shiva as “Pithaa pirai chudi… Perumane”.

The meaning for the song is as follows:
“Lord Shiva is called by me fondly as a mad man, who was wearing the moon on his head, and controlling the entire universe, and always occupying in my mind and in the minds of several millions of his devotees. Let me always think about Lord Shiva and sing in praise of him.”
After some time, Sundarar visited several holy shiva temples of tamil nadu. And in Tiruvarur, he married a pious and noble lady Paravayar. In Thiruvottriyur, at the Vadivudaiamman Temple, he met a farmer’s girl, Sangiliyar and married her also.
Sundarar is very famous for singing beautiful songs on lord Shiva and he also declares that all the living beings are equal before god, and we must give respect to each other.
At Avinashi, near Coimbatore, Sundarar prayed to lord shiva and restored the life of a dead boy who was swallowed by a crocodile.
He also taught the principles of Shaivism to his followers in a simplified manner.
Once, Sundarar took King Cheraman Peruman along with him to MOUNT KAILASH.
Sundarar in his previous birth was one of the divine attendants of Lord Shiva with the name “ALALA SUNDARAR”.

Since his attention was diverted by seeing MATA Parvati’s female attendants, he was made to be born as a human being in the earth, and to serve Lord Shiva for some time in this earth, and finally reached KAILASA, the divine abode of Lord Shiva.He has performed many miracles in the life of the people. By chanting the names of Lord Shiva, he cured the diseases of the people, and removed their sins and given them peacefulness and happiness in their life. Through his great spiritual powers, he reduced the physical and mental sufferings of the people, and made them to chant shiva mantra and to think about Lord Shiva.

He was welcomed and given proper recognition by many kings and offered wealth. He had donated all the wealth given to him to the poor people. He daily practiced the habit of chanting shiva mantra for several lakhs of times.
He was also considered to be a friend and a devotee of Lord Shiva, and was very close to Lord Shiva while he was serving him in KAILASA. He was a fond devotee of Lord Shiva, who blessed and safe guarded him in many circumstances, and given him SALVATION at the end of his life.
Let us praise the great “SUNDARAR” and be blessed.