Paramahamsa Ramchandra Das 



Paramahamsa Ramchandra Das (1912- 2003) was the chief saint of the Ram temple movement and president of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. He actively participated in the Ramjanmabhoomi movement for several years, and his main aim is to construct Temples of Lord Ram throughout India, to stop killing the cows and to make India to prosper. His birth name was Chandreshwar Tiwari. He has become a saint at his younger age itself, and after becoming a saint, he was known as Ramchandra Das.

He was born in the year 1912, in a pious Brahmin family, in a village in Bihar. Chandreshwar was brought up by his elder brother, since his parents were died at his young age. At his teenage, Chandreshwar had attended a yagna conducted by the holy saints, and from then onwards, he got more interest on spirituality. He visited Ayodhya and stayed at Ramghat. His spiritual guru was Ramkishore Das Ji Maharaj, and he learnt all the spiritual subjects from him.

In the year 1979, Paramhans Ji Maharaj was declared as the Chief of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi, and also became the chairman of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Construction Committee.

During his period, he held Ratha Yatras, and renovated ancient Hindu temples, and invoked the “SRI RAMA BHAKTI” amongst the devotees of Lord Rama.

He asked the devotees of Lord Ram, to chant the Rama Mantra for the benefit of the entire nation. Throughout his life, he struggled a lot towards building a temple for Lord Rama at Ayodhya. He has done many social and spiritual services like propagating the importance of Lord Rama, and gave divine lectures on Ramayan among the public gatherings, provided food to the poor people, established cow sheds at various places of India and provided food to the holy cows.

He died in the year 2003.

Let us worship the holy saint and be blessed.