Pithukuli Murugadas



Pithukuli Murugadas (1920-2015) was a devotional singer, freedom fighter, writer and a music composer. His birth name was Balasubramanian. He was a great devotee of Lord Muruga from his young age onwards, and hence he was given the title Murugadas, which means servant of Lord Muruga. And since he was mad in devoting Lord Muruga, he was called as “Pithukuli Murugadas”.

He travelled throughout India and abroad and wrote and sung beautiful songs on Lord Krishna and Muruga, and won good recognition among the devotional music song lovers.

Murugadas was born in Coimbatore in the year 1920, in a pious Brahmin family, and he learnt songs from his grandfather Sri. Gopalakrishna Bagavathar.

He participated in India’s freedom struggle movement in the year 1936, and due to that, he was highly praised by the people.

Murugadas has won the Kalaimamani award as well as other prestigious awards for his excellent performance in music field.

Some of the verses from his divine songs are as follows:

  1. Worship Lord Muruga, in order to cleanse our sins, and also to get a healthy and a golden body, and let us fall into his tender feet, so that Lord Muruga would never leave us alone.
  2. Muruga you are the Lord of beauty, and you are seated in a beautiful peacock. You are residing in the six temples situated at Tamil Nadu, and showering your grace like a pleasant rain. Oh! Muruga you are the son of Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati.
  3. Muruga I would never forget you. You have been formed from the spark of the third eye of Lord Shiva. Muruga you are the wonderful god, are you are giving goodness to your sincere devotees, and safeguarding them during the times of their difficulties by riding in your divine vehicle peacock.

Let us praise the great saint-poet-singer.