Bhasa is one of the celebrated poets and mostly his poems were written in Sanskrit, and he got capabilities similar to the great poet Sri Kalidasa. It is believed that he would have lived in the fourth century AD, and he was considered as a divine poet. He was honoured in the court of several kings, and awarded lot of prize money for his talents. He lived a simple and a noble life, and he had distributed most of the wealth for the welfare of the poor people.
Most of the poems which he had written was lost due to the harm caused by the white ants, and was not preserved properly. Some of his great works are as follows:
1. Swapnavasavadattam
2. Urubhanga
3. Malavikagnimitram
4. Pratigya Yaugandharayana
5. Pancharatra
6. Charudatta
7. Dootaghatotkacha
8. Avimaraka
9. Balacharita
He was a sincere devotee of Lord Rama, and apart from writing poems, he used to spend his time in the temples. He also used to give lectures on Ramayan, Bhagavatham and Bhagavat Gita, in order to spread the bhakti in the minds of the people. He strongly insists the people to chant the Rama Mantra, in order to get relieved from their sins. His poems are written in a simple manner, and everybody can read his poems without any difficulty. He has contained very good qualities, and considered as a man of purity.
Let us worship the great saint and poet and be blessed.