Dhurjati (15th century AD) was a Telugu poet in the court of the king Krishnadevaraya and he was considered as the best poet during his period.

Dhurjati was born in a pious Hindu Telugu family in Sri Kalahasti and he was the grandson of the great saint-poet Jakkayya, and he was an ardent devotee of Lord Kalahasteeshwara.

His works are in praise of Lord Shiva. His famous works include Sri Kalahasteeshwara Mahatyam (The greatness of lord Shiva) and Sri Kalahasteeshwara Satakam (Poems in the praise of lord Shiva).

He had taken stories from Puranas and added it in his work. Mainly he had written devotional poems in praise of Lord Shiva. Krishnadevaraya has praised Dhurjati and rewarded him lot of wealth. It is believed that while he was writing the Kalahasti Mahatmyam in the Kalahasti Temple, Lord Shiva itself had emerged from the idol and sat near to him, and used to read his divine works. He would ask him to make necessary corrections in his work, and Dhurjati would obey the Lord’s orders, and done like that.

Some of the verses from the poems are as follows:

  1. Oh Lord Kalahasteeshwara you are the great Lord and you have given salvation to even small creatures.
  2. Oh Lord Kalahasteeshwara you have drank the Alahala poison in order to protect the entire universe from destruction.
  3. Oh Lord Kalahasteeshwara you are the Lord of the entire universe, and through your powers, the entire universe is functioning properly.
  4. Oh Lord Kalahasteeshwara, save the people from their enemies, and give good knowledge and wisdom to them.
  5. Oh Lord Kalahasteeshwara, by chanting your various names itself, the entire sins of the people would be cleared, and they would get salvation.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.