Govindadasa (1535–1613) was a Bengali  poet who was well known for his popular devotional songs on Lord Krishna. He composed songs on the true divine love between Radha and Krishna, and he is also known as Govinda Das Kaviraja. It is believed that he was the incarnation of one of the cowherd friends of Lord Krishna during the Dwaparaka Yuga.

Govindadasa hailed from Baidya family, and he was born in a village in Bardhaman district in West Bengal in the year 1535, and his brother was also a poet. After the death of his father, Govinda lived in a village in Murshidabad district in West Bengal, along with his brother.

In his young age, Govindadasa and his brother were ardent devotees of Mata Shakti. He and his brother were both initiated into Vaishnavism by his Guru Sri Srinivasa Acharya.

Govindadasa is one of the leading poets of the Vaishnava movement.

Govindadasa is considered as a great saint, poet and a Krishna devotee, by the people even today, and his songs are regularly sung in the Vishnu Temples of West Bengal.

He was praised by the great kings and by the Krishna devotees for his efficiency in writing wonderful poems on Lord Krishna.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

  1. Krishna and Radha are having true love on each other, and we must worship them with strong faith and bhakti.
  2. Radha and Krishna cannot be separated from each other. They are the incarnations of Vishnu Bhagavan and Mata Lakshmi Devi.
  3. Their bondage is very great, and they are the most celebrated couple in the entire universe.
  4. By chanting the names of Radha and Krishna, we would get permanent peace of mind, and joyful spiritual thoughts would flow from our mind.
  5. We have to consider Radha and Krishna as our divine parents, and must show our sincere respect on them.
  6. Mata Radha is a chaste, pious and a beautiful woman, and she contains all the good qualities, and Lord Krishna always dwells in her heart.
  7. By worshipping Radha and Krishna, we would get all kinds of prosperities in this earth.