Lakshmipathi (17th century AD
) was born in Mysore in the family of Vedic pundits and poets. His family deity was Kanchi Varadaraja, and he finished his studies at his native place, and at his teenage, he had settled in Melkote in Mandya district. He belonged to the lineage of the great Vaishnavite saints, Sri Nathamuni and Aalavandaar, and he was a disciple of Sri Kadambi Singaracharya.

He was conferred with the title of Chikkupadhyaya by the Mysore King Sri Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar, and he had served to him, as Minister and Guru.

He was an expert writer, and he had written more than 30 works, which was appreciated by the Royal family, and he was highly awarded for his talents.


Some of his Famous Works are:

  1. Vishnu Purana
  2. Kamalachala Mahatmya
  3. Hastigiri Mahatmya
  4. Satvikabrahma-Vidya-Vilasa
  5. Yadugiri Mahatmya
  6. Divya Suri Charitre
  7. Artha Panchaka
  8. Shringarada
  9. Amaruka shathaka
  10. Bhakta Prahalada Mahatmiyam

Chikkupadhyaya was a famous Vishnu devotee, and similar to his ancestors, he dedicated his entire life towards writing bhakti poems on Lord Vishnu, and sung in praise of him in the Vishnu Temples. He participated in the debates held at the king’s court, and won in the debates. He was well known for his simple style of writing.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

  1. Oh the great Lord Vishnu! You are the supreme god! You are having the entire universe in your body!
  2. Oh! Lord Vishnu you are always protecting your devotees, and giving boons to them.
  3. Due to your grace, great devotees like Dhuruva and Prahalada have reached the upper worlds in the heaven!
  4. You have saved the elephant Gajendra and given salvation to him.
  5. Your beauty cannot be compared with anyone in this universe!
  6. You have taken various avatars in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the universe.
  7. Even the great sages, saints and the demi gods are praising your glories and singing songs on you!
  8. By chanting your Mantra, our sins would be washed out.
  9. Even your divine vehicle Lord Garuda, cannot fully explain about your greatness.
  10. You are very merciful to your devotees, and instantly saving them from their problems.