Manmohan Acharya



Manmohan Acharya is a famous Odisha poet, writer and a publisher. He wrote poems in Sanskrit language, and he wrote songs for feature films also. He had translated the Gita Govinda of Jayadev as Gita Govind Rasavalli.

Manmohan Acharya was born in the year 1967 in a village in Odisha in a pious Hindu family.


  1. Gitamohanam
  2. Gita-bhaaratam
  3. Gita milindam
  4. Palli-panchaasika
  5. Subhasa-charitam
  6. Sri Sivananda-Laharika
  7. Yati-giti-satakam
  8. Arjuna-Pratijnaa
  9. Shrita-kamalam

Manmohan Acharya had received lot of awards for his contribution in Odhisha and Sanskrit literature.

Dr. Acharya had died in Cuttack in the year 2013.

Manmohan was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, and he had written lot of songs in praise of Krishna.

Some of the verses from his poems are as follows:

  1. Krishna, Madhusudana, Gopala, Achutha, Ananda! Oh Krishna! You are the great Lord, and you are holding the entire universe in your hands!
  2. Oh Sweet Krishna! You cannot be avoided in our daily life! You are charming and handsome! You contain shining face and wears glittering ornaments. Even the great sages are meditating on you, in order to get the divine bliss!
  3. Oh Krishna! I want you to take one more avatar in this Kali Yuga, in order to remove the evils from the world, and to maintain peace and prosperity in this entire world!
  4. By merely chanting your name itself, millions and millions of sick people are getting relieved from their diseases and the sinners are also gets relieved from their sins through your divine grace.
  5. Oh Krishna! You only make the impossible things into possible and giving brightness to the entire world.
  6. By chanting your names repeatedly all of our worries would be removed from our mind.
  7. Your Bhagavat Gita helps the people to lead a sin free life.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.